An apprenticeship at MAPAL is the ideal stepping stone into professional life. And with our wide selection of apprenticeship careers, there is a job profile to fit every pupil. An apprenticeship lasts between two and three and a half years, depending on the job profile. The close intertwining of being taught in the training centre and applying this in practical settings in the specialised departments means you can put the new things you learn into practice directly.

Not only do our apprentices gain expert knowledge during their apprenticeship at MAPAL, we also help them improve their social and personal skills. This means that initiative, teamwork and problem-solving skills are required and are important for your future career and personal life. Special projects, which our technical and commercial apprentices prepare as part of a team, are another key element that we place importance on.

We are very pleased that so many female pupils are choosing to pursue a technical apprenticeship at MAPAL, which is something we are actively supporting.

After our apprentices finish their training we are happy to take them on - as long as they perform suitably well and have the right attitude to the job and the company.

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