Employees about MAPAL

There are 5,500 employees working for the MAPAL Group across the globe, in a work environment characterised by many different markets, trends and challenges.

Here you can find out what excites them about their day to day work, what challenges they meet, and how they have progressed to where they are now.

Fabian Rupp, HR Officer, MAPAL Aalen

Adrian Dörr und Julia Schmid, Students Industrial Engineering

Technology and business management closely intertwined

Adrian Dörr and Julia Schmid both completed a dual study programme, graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering, specialising in industrial engineering.

In the video (in German language), they report on their experiences and the main subject areas their work involves.

Johannes Fischer, Student Mechanical Engineering

Get to know all the ins and outs of the whole manufacturing process

Johannes Fischer studied mechanical engineering at DHBW and MAPAL. The course was a perfect fit for him, given his great interest in technical subjects and his desire for theory and practice to be closely intertwined with each other, as he explains in the video (in German language).

Pia Seibold, Auszubildende zur Industriekauffrau

Being open and working independently

Pia Seibold completes an apprenticeship as a commercial assistant (industry) at MAPAL Aalen.
In the video (in German language) she takes the audience on a virtual company tour and reports on which activities are the focus of her education and which requirements are generally placed on the profession.

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