Further training for professional and personal development

We put a lot of emphasis on continued and further training. Thanks to our highly qualified employees and managers, we are able to offer our customers innovative and highly productive tool solutions, allowing us to get ahead of the competition. Which is also where we intend to stay. The only way for us to achieve this aim is for our employees to always be in possession of the most up-to-date specialist knowledge.

As a response to the importance of this issue, the MAPAL Academy was established. It develops professional, social and intercultural programmes and seminars that are implemented locally at the subsidiaries of the MAPAL Group. This ensures that course contents are always up-to-date and of high quality.

Extensive continued training programmes, such as in the areas of languages or products & technology, help employees and managers keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date.

A constantly changing work environment on top of new megatrends in industry and the private sphere mean that people have to be willing to keep learning new things over the whole course of their lives. Further training for personal development is therefore also an important building block in MAPAL's approach to further training.

There are a wide range of opportunities for development at MAPAL, where we offer exciting and varied challenges for our employees. Whether it’s in the technical or commercial field, if you are committed and willing to learn, you can make progress along various paths.

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