Internship prior to beginning higher education

A pre-study or foundation internship lasting several weeks is a requirement for some courses and gives you an initial glimpse into the day-to-day work your chosen career involves.

A pre-study internship at MAPAL usually starts with being placed in our training centre or in production, to help you become familiar with our products and the advanced level of technology we use in production. Afterwards, you will become acquainted with various departments in our company relating to your chosen field of studies.

You will be supervised by experts over the entire duration of your internship.

Practice semester in Germany and abroad

During a practice semester, you will deepen your knowledge in the area you are particularly interested in. During the six months you spend at MAPAL, you can substantially improve your knowledge and skills. In this period, we place particular importance on teaching you just how crucial teamwork, reliability, and dedication are, in addition to the typical work experience you get on a practice semester. We enrich the experience of your practice semester with challenging project tasks and cutting-edge subjects - this means it isn’t just you who gets a tangible benefit from your internship, but us too, given that, if all goes well, we can put your results to use in the company.

We would be delighted to work with you further, as long as you perform sufficiently well and your attitude to the job and company are right. For instance, this could be a job as a student employee or writing your thesis with us.


MAPAL offers internships for students on the following programmes:

In the field of Technology and Engineering:

  • General Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering/Production Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • International Technical Sales
  • Coating and Material Analytics
  • Computer Science 

In the field of Business Management:

  • International Business Management
  • General Business Management
  • Business Management for small and medium-sized enterprises


In principle, it is possible to do a pre-study internship or practical semester at any of our German sites. Please get in touch with the relevant specified contact at the site.

It is generally also possible to do an internship at one of our foreign subsidiaries. You can find current offers on our job portal by applying the “students” filter.

Vacancies for students

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