Tips for online applications

  • After successfully logging in to our system, your candidate profile is displayed. Fill out this profile as completely and with as much detail as possible. That will help us to already get to know you a little bit and to get an impression of you.
  • In the first step, please upload your CV (see Tips below). The system uses the information from your CV to automatically fill in a few boxes.
  • Please also upload your letter of motivation or covering letter in this first step. The letter of motivation still forms an important part of your application as it shows us among other things why you are interested in MAPAL as your employer. We have summarised a few tips for a successful letter of motivation on this page.
  • Please use only PDF files when uploading your supporting documents. A total volume of 10 MB should not be exceeded.
  • You will then be prompted to enter contact data and information on your previous employments, education, etc. in your profile. In some cases these data may already have been taken automatically from your CV. Nevertheless, please check everything again carefully before closing your profile with “Save” and “Apply”.
  • Selection ”Make my profile visible to”: At this point, please ensure that you only select the third option (“Only recruiters managing jobs I apply to”) if you are indeed applying to a concrete position. In the event of an unsolicited application, your profile can otherwise not be found by any recruiter.
  • You can view, edit or of course delete your candidate profile at any time. Even if you were not successful with an application – it’s worthwhile keeping your profile constantly up-to-date, because we use the profiles to look for new candidates for various positions – and might be able to offer you an alternative.
  • If there are no suitable positions available to you, you can use the Job Agent. This tool informs you about interesting vacancies on the basis of the criteria defined by you.
  • Further information on the MAPAL Group can be found in our career portal and on our website,

Tips for writing your letter of motivation

  • In the letter of motivation, you are telling us why you are applying to our company, and why you think that you are the right applicant for the position being offered. It lets you to tell us about the strengths and knowledge you have, which would be beneficial when working with us.
  • Please compose your letter yourself. There are many sources in books or online which offer forms of standard wording for letters of motivation, but these don’t let us know anything about you. Instead, express yourself more in your own words and also avoid recycling expressions from the job listing.
  • Express yourself concisely. Your cover letter should be no longer than one page and should be well-structured.
  • Take care to maintain a "good writing style". This means you should try to construct sentences in a variety of different ways. Avoid repetitions and empty, meaningless expressions.
  • There should be no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Have someone read through your letter of motivation for you. That way you can find out if there are still any mistakes and correct them.
  • Try to back up your statements with examples - this makes them more persuasive.
  • Be honest! In letters of motivation it’s understandable and quite right for you to paint yourself and your qualities in a positive light. However, you should avoid exaggerating.

Tips for CVs

  • Make your CV clear and informative.
  • Make sure your CV is complete and that you haven’t forgotten to mention something. It is also important not to omit something on purpose, as this results in gaps, which will stand out.
  • Let us know about your knowledge of foreign languages and additional skills (e.g. with computer programmes).
  • If you take part in activities outside of school, such as sports, music, voluntary work etc., be sure to list these.
  • Get to know us!

    We would like to get to know you in person and give you a good impression of MAPAL.

    Therefore, we would be delighted to meet you at one of the upcoming career events or at the “MAPAL Future Day”.

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  • Sites of the MAPAL Group

    MAPAL offers apprenticeships and for 13 types of professions and positions for four different dual study courses at eight sites in Germany.

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