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MAPAL ITS GmbH in Eppingen designs, manufactures and produces actuating tools and ISO special tools in one of the largest and most modern manufacturing facilities for these products in the world. Effective and future-oriented machining solutions are produced in a space covering 5,000 square metres. The specialists from Eppingen also provide sales support to MAPAL sales departments across the world.

MAPAL ITS is well prepared for the tasks and challenges of the future, thanks to extensive investments in buildings and machinery and the resulting modernisation of production and logistics processes.

This is also thanks to 140 highly-qualified and loyal employees, who themselves have very good and safe working conditions.

Eppingen lies between the Odenwald and the Black Forest, in the prosperous Kraichgau region, not far from Heilbronn and Heidelberg.

The closing date for applications for apprenticeship to start in September 2020 is 30 September 2019.

Employee benefits at the Eppingen site:

Contacts for careers

Apprenticeships, internships

Krishna Eggert
Phone: 07262 9996-7320

Dual study programmes

Sabine Theiler-Eglsäer
Phone: 07262 9996-7012

Theses, student employees, holiday jobs

Sabine Theiler-Eglsäer
Phone: 07262 9996-7012

Professionals, graduates

Sabine Theiler-Eglsäer
Phone: 07262 9996-7012

Jakob-Dieffenbacher-Straße 8
75031 Eppingen

Phone: +49 (0) 7262 9996 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 7262 9996 – 7099
email: info(at)

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